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What happened to your blog? 11/11 is over, where is the blog? Are you launching it today? Have you been working on your blog? Is your site up yet?

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I have really heard it all...and I know...I know...This blog was supposed to launch a longgggg time ago. I thought I was holding myself accountable by setting a deadline and actually telling others about it, only to still not launch it. SMH. #falsestart But what made it even more worse (but was also a good thing) is that because I told others, now they were actually asking me about it when it didn't go live, ugh. LOL.


I was having technical issues for a little and then once those got fixed I just sort of chickened out. I was thinking of excuses and issues and problems to not launch it because of what....? No reason other than fear. I had to sit and ask myself though, what are you afraid of??

just do it

But then I turned into a fake perfectionist and would tell myself, "Oh well its not perfect, I can't launch it just yet, I need more time..." yeah. just another excuse. I don't know about you all but I am tired of waiting and thinking of excuses can get exhausting...but are also just unacceptable.

After a longgg awaited debut, my blog is here. aysiarose.com has been BORN! 12-01-17.

Normally, December marks the end, the closing, twelve out of twelve, but for me this is just the beginning...

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recipe review: pollo in potacchio - skinnytaste fast + slow

recipe review: pollo in potacchio - skinnytaste fast + slow

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